The First of the Lasts

17 Mar

As my subject line suggests, this week started the first of my “lasts” on the mission. Specifically, my last transfer call was on Sunday! With the huge number of sisters that went home this transfer and that will be going home next transfer with me, the mission is having to close sister areas left and right. And unfortunately, that meant us this transfer. Both Sister Moore and I will be transferred and the elders will take over both the YSA ward and 4th ward. I am going back to my roots… Wyoming! Nope, not Meeteetse unfortunately, but I’ll only be an hour and a half away. I will be serving in Worland 2nd ward, and my new companion is Sister Wankier. (No idea how to pronounce that name right now, haha). Sis. Wankier has been out about six months, and I will be senior companion again. I feel very blessed to have been senior companion my entire mission except while I was training and the 4 weeks with Sister Gold. Sister Moore is headed to Helena 5th ward, and she will be with Sister Runolfson who is a sister I came out with.

I am pretty sad to not get to finish my mission here in Missoula. But I trust the Lord enough to know that He has something for me to do, or someone to meet, down in Worland, WY. It’ll be pretty stressful transferring all of our investigators and less-actives to the elders in the next 48 hours, so please pray for us that things go smoothly! Just got lots to do before we leave Wednesday morning. The members we live with, the Hendersons, were really sad to hear about the trasnsfer, especially since they won’t be housing sisters anymore. I love the Hendersons so much! We’re going to take a picture together finally tomorrow night, so I’ll attach the picture next week.

One last family history booth in the University Center

One last family history booth in the University Center

Oh my, I don’t even know what to write about for this week! We had a great lesson with our investigator Cody this week. He is progressing really really well, but he is still reluctant to commit to a date. While I was praying about Cody, I thought of Rodney’s conversion story (he’s my brother-in-law) in which Rodney told me that the elders would invite him to baptism just about every time, but that he had to come to the conclusion for himself. I felt the strongest prompting that that will pretty much be Cody’s story- he knows everything is true and he loves the gospel… he just needs to make the decision for himself. It didn’t stop us from inviting him every time though! haha.

My tender mercy of the week was dinner with our recent convert Karen. When people ask me what I am most excited for food-wise for when I get home, I always say, “Chick-fil-a!!!!”. Well, we go to dinner at Karen’s, and she made us a copycat recipe! It was soooo good. And then this is the sign of true friendship: she stalked my Pinterest account, found the recipe for Raising Cane’s sauce that I love so much, and made that to go with it!! I was in Okie heaven. A lot of our ward members try to feed Sister Moore and I “southern food”, since we’re from the south. One of the best things ever was last week when some of the YSA kids made us Chicken and Waffles! It was the first time they had ever had it themselves, or even made fried chicken, and they did a great job. We converted them to it!

This week we did a lot of contacting referrals, finding, and tracting. One guy we met may only be accurately described as the “mad hatter”. Oh Missoula… such an interesting breed of people. The guy gave us a referral at least! Last night, we were out trying to reach our OYM goal and people were just not happy to see us, lol. My favorite thing is when people open the door, and we’re like “Hi!! How are you??!!”, and they say “good…”, then they see our name tags, and they just slowly shut the door without saying anything else. The mission is just plain awkward sometimes, haha. But after a bunch of really weird experiences, we tracted in to a less-active lady that was so kind and immediately let us in. *blessings*

Well, I have to get going now! We’re going to lunch with Karen and then we’re going to ride on the Missoula Carousel. Should be fun! Love you all sooo much, and I will talk to you next week from Wyoming!


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