Missoula miracles!

26 Jan

It is positively balmy outside! Fifty degrees is pretty wonderful for the end of January. Thankfully is was a slow warm-up this week, so there wasn’t a ton of flooding from the melting snow. Patches of grass are showing through now and the streets are almost clear of ice! Count your many blessings. We had another super busy week here in Missoula, and a very successful one! So let me just jump right in and tell you about some of it.

Last Monday we had interviews with President Mecham, and it was wonderful like always. I always leave those interview feeling like I can conquer the world! Then that afternoon for preparation day, we invited the sisters in our zone over to our house for “lunch and a movie”. We watched 17 Miracles together, and I made Mom’s recipe of Easy Tortilla Soup- it was a hit! It was fun to do something kind of different for preparation day. Tuesday felt like Monday all day because I got to email, so that kind of threw off my week.

Here’s our cool miracle of the week. So I had something happen that has never happened before…. a less-active called us! Her name is Brittany. So here’s the story: she was in Walmart a couple of weeks ago and saw two sister missionaries (not us, but the sisters from the Ronan ward in our zone). She had been thinking a lot about coming back to church, but she wasn’t too sure yet. She stood behind them in line, and she told us that she decided that if they talked to her, then she would take that as a sign that she needed to come back. And like good missionaries always do, they talked to her! They had a really good conversation, and the Ronan sisters gave her our phone number. Fast forward to this Wednesday now. We were driving to an appointment after district meeting, and our phone rings. We start talking to her, trying to figure out kind of who she is and her interest level. She asked us if there were any ward activities going on that she could go to, and we told her that there weren’t any until next week. Then, I felt to ask, “umm, would you be interested in meeting with us?”. She said, “yeah! Do you have time today?”. “Yes!”, we responded with probably a little too much enthusiasm! Anyways, so we met up with her and got to know her. She used to be super active in her old ward, but then she got a boyfriend who took her down the wrong path and she moved up to Montana with him. They broke up this weekend, and she is on track to returning to the gospel. She told us, “I was trying to remember the last time I was truly happy… and it was when I was active”.

A slightly sad but funny story related to Brittany is that while we were teaching her, her dog chewed off part of my leather purse! Oh well. It’s not too noticeable I think….? Here’s another funny story from this week. We were having dinner with an amazing family that joined the church last year, the Dempseys. (You’ve definitely heard me tell stories from their dinner appointments before). Their oldest son, Sam, told us during dinner that he thinks his younger brother Able looks like an alien. “Why?”, his mom asked. “Because he has curly hair!”. Elder Montague (part of the trio of the 4th ward elders that we share areas with) and I made eye contact and just busted up laughing because we both have curly hair. I guess my hair makes me look like an alien?

Our recent convert Karen is doing amazing. Her friends in the ward chipped in together to buy her a quad with her name engraved on it- so beautiful! We are hanging out with her today and going out for Thai food. 🙂 Karen and I are already planning our after-mission visits… it’s gonna be great. Brett is still struggling with depression, and it’s sad to see. But we’re meeting with him regularly and hopefully he can fight through it. Our investigator Eboni got baptized this week!!! She is the girl that grew up LDS, but had to wait until she was 18 to be baptized because her Dad isn’t a member. We crammed about eighty people into the primary room for the baptism… it was a beautiful event. She’s talking about going on a mission in a year when she’s 19. So great!

Sister Moore, Eboni's brother, Eboni and me at her baptism.

Sister Moore, Eboni’s brother, Eboni and me at her baptism.

Ok, one more miracle from this week! A less-active that we work with a lot via Skype, Rachelle, came down to Missoula this weekend and she brought her roommate Suzanne with her. Earlier in the week, Suzanne was going through a really hard time and Rachelle read the Book of Mormon with her and they had a crazy powerful experience with it. We met together at the institute, and we taught her most of the first lesson. Suzanne is Blackfoot native american, and has absolutely zero Christian background… but as we taught the Spirit bore witness so strongly of Christ. I really felt like Aaron teaching King Lamoni’s Father in the Book of Mormon…. we identified that she believes in a “higher power”, and taught her about God. Then we talked about parts of the plan of salvation, and the restoration. She told us that she’d never felt as happy or as peaceful as she did right then. She asked us what she could do to keep that feeling always. We told her that it was the Spirit, and that the gift of the Holy Ghost comes after baptism… and she is now committed to baptism on February 21st!

Sorry my letters have been massively long recently. There’s so much going on! I love you all and hope you are doing well. Thank you for your prayers, support, and love. Have a happy week!!!


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