Carry on, carry on!

21 Jan

Well, it’s another Tuesday letter! As I reflect back on the past week, it seems like it flew by, but also so many things happened.

First and foremost, Brett got baptized on Saturday!! It was a beautiful service, and there was so much love in that room for him. We met with him everyday this past week in preparation for his baptism. He had a particularly hard day on Thursday, and my heart just ached for him. During that lesson, I received a strong prompting that I needed to fast for him on Friday. As I fasted for him, I was able to receive revelation to teach him that night about the redeeming and reclaiming aspects of baptism. Fasting also increased my faith that God will fulfill His promises to Brett. He had an amazing baptism service on Saturday and a beautiful confirmation on Sunday. We met with him last night, and unfortunately he was feeling very depressed again. I left the lesson feeling fairly discouraged myself, thinking, “Why didn’t the gift of the Holy Ghost help him? Why is he still having these trials?”. The Holy Ghost came to me during that quiet drive home, and taught me that it is all a part of Heavenly Father’s plan. We can’t “pray away” people’s trials… sometimes they are there for a reason. My role in the situation is to pray to God to know what I can do, and then courageously act on the answers I receive.

Brett's baptism!

Brett’s baptism!

Last night’s lesson at Brett’s turned out to be more for his sister Tamara than for Brett. One of Brett’s fellowshippers, Bro. Backlund, came over and the two of them went on a walk. Sister Moore and I, along with the 1st ward sisters, stayed with Tamara. She was struggling with how to help Brett and was really needing support. I don’t remember what all I said, but I just remember holding eye contact with her and talking to her about Christ and testifying of the Atonement… “because Christ already paid the price and felt what we felt… we don’t have feel it anymore.” Tamara was prompted to say a prayer together, and when she gave her burden to Christ there was a tangible release of tension in the room. She told us that she sometimes sees us sisters as her personal angels. We are called as emissaries of Jesus Christ, and it’s amazing to experience Him working through you.

Our investigator is doing great, and she is all set to be baptized this upcoming Saturday! She posted about her baptism on her Facebook page, and had over 60 likes on the post… so awesome. Let me tell you, I have never been so busy in my entire mission. The Hastening of the Work is so real! But it’s real because we are willing to put in the effort and faith to make it happen, and not just sit around and wait for it.

On Tuesday, we had a return appointment from a tracting contact. When she invited us in, I quickly observed six rather fat and mangy cats lying around… and those were just the ones we could see. I spent the rest of the day with my dress smelling like dirty cats… I sure hope people understand that missionaries can’t always control what they smell like!

Found while tracting! Unfortunately they weren't home... I need to meet them though asap!

Found while tracting! Unfortunately they weren’t home… I need to meet them though asap!

I had a series of unfortunate events this weekend regarding my watches, haha. On Sunday, I put on my favorite watch (and the one I’ve worn basically everyday) and the last little leather strip that holds the strap down broke. “Bummer!” I thought, and switched to my backup watch. Then, at church, my backup watch’s battery died. “Ok”, I thought, “I’ll just go back to wearing my regular watch”. When I get home, the battery had died on that one as well!! I guess the devil really didn’t want us to be on time or something…. haha. I told my sad tale to the Hendersons who we live with, and Brother Henderson made the comment, “Well Sister Hoggan, it looks like your time is up- you’ve been on the mission too long!”. Needless to say, I was able to get both batteries replaced on Monday. I am also feeling pretty proud of myself for fashioning a new “strip” out of a kid’s hairband that I cut and melted back together… mission life teaches you so many new skills.

It works, right?

It works, right?

Oh yeah, so we had an awesome tender mercy this week! I made the mistake last Monday of forgetting to pick up one of my prescriptions from Wal-mart, so we had to go over there on Tuesday morning. I picked it up no problem, and while we were about to leave the parking lot of Wal-mart, a nicely dressed man came jogging up to our car. I rolled down the window and he said, “Hello! Hey, go get yourselves a NICE dinner,” and handed us a fifty dollar bill! I was in too much shock to say anything but “are you sure? Thank you!!”, as he quickly jogged back to his car. People are so kind!!

I sure do love you all, and hope you are doing well! Keep on keepin’ on!


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