Meet the Mormons!

29 Sep

When did it get to be the end of September?! I feel like I blinked and missed the entire month. The autumn here in Missoula is just beautiful. Earlier this week, we had a freaky hot spell where it was in the nineties, but the past few days have been highs in the sixties and just gorgeous. The inside of our car is completely covered in leaf crumbs, but I’m not even mad because it’s so beautiful with the leaves around town!

Lovin' fall!

Lovin’ fall!

This whole past week was just really good. At FHE on Monday, we had a less active and an investigator show up… all of whom were invited by members of the ward and not us! It was a total surprise to see them there, but it was a good surprise. We also got a phone call that night that the elders in Frenchtown had run into one of our recent convert’s boyfriends, and he was now on date for baptism! It’s amazing to see how the Lord works individually for each person’s timing. On Tuesday, we watched the BYU devotional at institute, and the speaker was from Oklahoma! It was Constitution Day, and Mickey Edwards was a former congressman from Oklahoma and he spoke about being informed citizens and protecting our Constitution. After that, we had our first ward mission correlation with our Ward mission leader and our ward missionaries. It was a little rough because it was the first time, but it will get better! haha. That afternoon, we were at the Institute building for some weird reason, and we are usually never there, and some people walked in and started talking to us! It was a member girl and her non member friend who are both freshman, and they wanted to learn about institute, what time church starts, etc. It’s crazy how the Lord makes sure that you are in the right place at the right time.

Wednesday morning, we hiked the M with four elders. (We never go by ourselves because of safety reasons). Then we jogged the way down and raced! I finished happily in the middle. We had a bunch of teaching appointments all day and were super busy. We saw S for the first time in forever…. it was so sad. He just had no light about him. We’re going to give him some major space for a while and just let the ward fellowship him. That night we ate with a family from 4th ward that was baptized about 6 months ago. They actually feed us all the time and they are the best! (4th ward almost always feeds us and the elders at the same time). For dessert on Wednesday, we had flan, which I love. Elder Thomas looked like he was going to gag though because of the texture, haha. He developed a system of swallowing it without chewing… it was hilarious.

Ok, so have you all heard of the Meet the Mormons movie?? (If not, go to right now!!) Right now, the movie is not set to be shown anywhere in Montana. But not if the missionaries have anything to say about it!! President Mecham gave the mission a challenge of getting 10,000 requests mission-wide for the movie to come here. (That breaks down to about 80 invites per companionship). And as a part of this challenge, we actually got to watch to the movie!! Thursday morning, our zone and the Stevensville zone met up at the institute building, and the assistants came with President Mecham’s iPad that had a secure internet viewing of the movie. Oh my goodness, THE MOVIE IS AMAZING! The Spirit could be felt during the entire movie. The interesting thing about the movie is that it never talks about the restoration, it never talks about the temple… it only talks about who the Mormons are. All of us (including the elders!) were teary-eyed by the end. This movie would honestly change so many people’s perceptions of the Church. The movie was originally made to be shown in visitor’s centers, but after some non-member test audiences, they found that 74% of people wanted to learn more about the church. So here we have Meet the Mormons now! One of the main determining factors of how well the movie does/how long it plays will be the opening weekend. Go see the movie opening weekend if at all possible- I promise you it will be worth it and you will love it! Having seen the movie now, all of the missionaries are super pumped to get it to come here to Montana. We are having a competition among zones as well so see how many people we can get to request it here. Missoula for the win!


This weekend was Homecoming for UM, and we went to the parade on Saturday and talked to a bunch of people about Meet the Mormons. They had some awesome floats! Saturday night, we got to attend the General Women’s Broadcast! The Stake Relief Society had a dinner beforehand which was really nice. I just absolutely loved the broadcast. Everything from the musical numbers, to the videos, to the talks. My favorite talk was definitely Elder Uchtdorf’s. My favorite line (as closely as I can remember): “God loves you not only for who you are today, but who you have the eternal potential to become”. “Becoming” has been a theme of study and prayer for me recently, and that line just really touched my heart. The week ended perfectly with our investigator coming to church on Sunday! She stayed all three hours, and for Break the Fast afterwards, and was still there socializing when we left. The ward was awesome about fellow-shipping her in right away. So great!
Well, that’s about it for me this week! Love you all so much.

**General Conference is this week!**


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