Falling for fall

23 Sep

It’s autumn! A new season, and a new companion as well! We found out last Monday that Sister Gold would be mid-transfer adjusted to Billings on Friday, and I would have Sister Randall as my new companion. She is from Charleston, Illinois, and has been out three months less than me. Sister Randall and I served in the same district down in Wyoming when she first came into the mission. We had just seen each other at zone conference and were talking about how cool it would be if we got to be companions some day! I guess the Lord decided that that day would be the following week.

Here’s a crazy story from this past week- our car was pranked almost everyday in honor of Sister Gold leaving! Oh, young single adult wards. Tuesday, we came out to it chalked and it had a big bow on it. Wednesday, we found it saran wrapped!


We quickly cut it off so we could go to District Meeting, but when we finished District Meeting, we found it saran wrapped again! Haha. Thursday was an entire spiderweb of string around the car, complete with glitter on the car.


And the finale on Friday was silly string and balloons. The culprits finally admitted to who they were on Friday, and it was exactly who we thought it was! They offered to reimburse us for all the car washes we had to do, haha.

Even though Sister Gold had been ready to leave for a few months now, it was hard on her to actually say goodbye to everyone. We spent much of the week visiting people and taking pictures.

Last Monday was good, just a fairly normal preparation day. My injury of the week was that a basketball hit me in the face and I literally thought my nose was broken! It was a little tender for a couple of days, but now it’s fine. At FHE last week, they played a bunch of group games that were really fun. We had to sit out a couple of them because they were too “touchy”, haha, but the rest of the games were fun. We also met with one of our investigators and followed up with her and her boyfriend about their decision to get married or move out so she could get baptized. We were pretty nervous going in to the lesson, but it turned out much better than we thought! Her boyfriend is a less active member, and his brother had called the two of them and talked to them about getting married sooner that April. They are seriously considering going down to the courthouse soon! So great!

On Tuesday, we did another hike up to the M, and we finally found the cave! yeah!


We went to Qdoba for lunch, and I missed that place sooo much! A year is way too long without it. The only other food place I am still seriously craving is Chick-fil-a… and there are none here. 😦 Gonna have to be my first stop on the way home from the airport!

We taught one of our investigators the Gospel of Jesus Christ on Wednesday, and she is progressing like mad. She opened up to us a lot about her experiences with faith, and it was really beautiful. We had some good laughs during the lesson too. At some point we got on the topic of hawaiian shirts, and Sister Gold was totally forgot that Hawaii was part of the US. It was hilarious.:)

We started out the day on Thursday with a hike up to “pride rock” with the elders, which is a favorite of ours. The rest of the day was just craziness. I’ve come to realize that things just don’t phase me anymore that would have before the mission. A person you teach just got put in the psych ward? Ok, let’s go see them. A less active from 4th ward calls and says that she’s going to take a job as a stripper? Ok, let’s talk some sense into her. Haha, the mission is the weirdest experience I think I’ll ever have.

On Friday, Sister Randall arrived and Sister Gold departed. It’s awesome serving with Sister Randall. We both have a lot of enthusiasm and ideas for the area, and I’m excited to see where we are gonna take it all. We did a lot of contacting and teaching this weekend, and had a fair amount of success. Saturday morning, we helped out at a ward service project for Habitat for Humanity. We painted all the siding and trim- pretty cool!


We’ve been meeting with an investigating family almost everyday, and it’s been up and down. They have a lot of family problems right now, and it’s getting in the way of their spiritual progression. But it’s still going well, which is good.

Well, I gotta run! Have a blessed and happy week (only 12 days until General Conference!!)


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