12 Aug
Saw this street sign on the way to Butte.... yeah!

Saw this street sign on the way to Butte…. yeah!

Another week has flown by! So much has happened since last week, so I’m excited to tell you about it! I’ll start off with the best and most exciting news- our investigator got baptized on Saturday! It’s seriously one of the best feelings in the world to see your investigator enter the waters of baptism. She first met missionaries about a year ago when her boyfriend, who is a member, started coming back to church. She didn’t start seriously investigating until about five months ago, and even them she wasn’t sure if she ever wanted to be baptized. Through continued church attendance, prayer, and scripture study though, she gained the desire and we finally set a date! The baptismal service on Saturday was so beautiful. We had an amazing turnout from the ward to support her! (Bozeman 3rd is the best…. No joke) She was just grinning from ear to ear the whole night. She was confirmed on Sunday during sacrament meeting, and it was a beautiful and simple blessing. The Spirit was just so strong this entire weekend.

At the baptism

At the baptism

Earlier this week, we had another sister with us because her companion had to go to Butte on a leadership exchange. We covered both of our areas over the three days she was with us, and it was fun to get to know some of their investigators. One lady we met was a hoot! She’s an older lady from Louisiana and is so sassy and funny! We also met some recent converts of about a year, and their friend who is investigating. The guy is a rapper, and before he became a member he would write all sorts of raps with bad themes and words. When the elders started working him though, they challenged him to clean up his stuff. He played us some of his music, and they are all LDS raps now! And actually pretty good! (Think “Sons of Provo” but better) He said that he has had so much more success now than he ever did before. You should look him up on YouTube or iTunes- it’s called “Celestial Kingdom Entertainment”.

Too much fun!

Too much fun!

On Thursday, since our missionary yoga instructor was gone, haha, we all met up and played basketball at 6:15am for exercise. It was pretty fun! I sunk some solid baskets too. Also on Thursday, we saw one of our less active friends that we teach for the first time in like 6 weeks because she’s been in France on study abroad. We just dropped by her house, and she was so excited to see us! It’s a good feeling when people open the door and are happy you are there, rather than irritated, haha! Friday was our zone training meeting, and my companion and I led one of the breakout session role-plays. We were assigned to lead a role-play on teaching about Temples and Family History. We decided to focus our role-play on teaching it simply and clearly. We went around in a circle and taught it, and you weren’t allowed to use any Mormon jargon, rambling sentences, or vague promised blessings. It went pretty well I thought! After zone training, all of the sisters splurged and went to Olive Garden for their lunch special. Yum!

Ok, one last funny story. So after the baptism on Saturday, the member that baptized her and his wife invited us out to dinner. We went over to a place called Perkin’s, and it’s really similar to an IHOP. Her boyfriend leans over to me about half way through the meal and says, “Don’t worry, this place doesn’t live up to it’s nickname”. I asked what the nick name was… “Puke-ins”, he said. I thought to myself, “well that’s a comforting thought!”. Haha. The food was pretty good, but I did have a nasty stomach ache for the rest of the night.

Well, I gotta wrap this up now so that we can make it to our hike on time! Our zone is going to hike one of the canyons nearby and get up to the overlook. Should be fun! I hope you all had a great week, and know that I love you all so much.

I made it!

I made it!


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