What in the world are tater pigs?

5 Aug

It’s been a good week out here in the mission field! Transfers are coming up in a couple of weeks, but I’m glad we don’t have to worry about them yet. Bozeman has been pretty hot this past week, and we’re definitely feeling it! It rains almost every day though for like 30 minutes. And it always manages to be when we are biking! The other day we got absolutely drenched. The mountains do weird things to our weather, haha. Last Monday for preparation day we did our normal stuff (laundry, emailing, etc) and then we played pod-ball and basketball with our zone. I earned a sweet carpet burn on my knee from pod-ball too. That evening, we had dinner with an older couple in our ward and the wife told us about how she was entering a Ping pong tournament. After dinner, we played a couple rounds and it reminded me so much of playing back at the Institute. I did pretty well playing too!

You can't really tell in the picture, but my clothes are sooooo soaked. I looked like I had just jumped in a pool!

You can’t really tell in the picture, but my clothes are sooooo soaked. I looked like I had just jumped in a pool!

On Tuesday, I gave a discussion at District Meeting on patience and diligence. I chose to speak about what it means to “wait upon The Lord”. In one interpretation, waiting means being patient and not becoming anxious or frustrated when promised blessings are not realized immediately. In another sense of the word, waiting means being an attendant to someone, like being a waiter at a restaurant. If we are “waiting” upon The Lord, then we are actively serving Him with all diligence.

So the biggest thing that went on this week was the Bozeman Sweet Pea Festival! As a part of the pre-festival activities, they had a big sidewalk chalking event on Main Street. We decided to participate, so we chalked a banner with Mormon.org on it and some other LDS stuff. Pretty fun!

Chalkin' it up!

Chalkin’ it up!

On Friday, we volunteered with the festival set-up. We worked in a forum of about 12 volunteers, and they were so fun. We had some good conversation with a lady who works for E-Free Evangelical church, and since that church supposedly hates Mormons, that was really cool! We mostly worked with setting up barricades around the stages and setting up the children’s area. And as a reward for volunteering, we got a free 3 day wristband for the festival!

We went to the Sweet Pea Festival on Friday and Saturday. We had some good Open-Your-Mouth’s with some people! The food was amazing- I had a black bean burrito on Friday and then fried chicken on a stick on Saturday. The weirded thing was these things called “tater pigs”, which was a baked potato with a sausage in the center. When we were walking around, I heard a lady yelling from a food vendor stand, “The Spirit is prompting you to get a hot dog!” and I was like, “huh?”. Of course it ended up being members messing with us. Every time members saw us they would be like “oh look, the missionaries! Hi!!” Being a missionary is like being a celebrity- people just walk up to you and want to talk to you. The arts and crafts vendors were amazing… People are so creative and talented! I splurged and bought a print of a picture that just makes me laugh. I framed it in a dollar tree frame, and I love it so much! I’ve attached a picture. 🙂

This picture makes me so happy!

This picture makes me so happy!

Our investigator had her baptismal interview on Sunday, and she passed with flying colors, so we’re all set for her baptism on Saturday! Please pray for her this week so that everything will work out. Our other lessons went really well this week too. I think one of my favorite things about being a missionary is the power of the Spirit that we bring into people’s homes and lives. We see people who are sad and angry, and then when we come their whole dispositions change. I am so grateful for the power of the Spirit!

Love you all so much!!! Have a fantastic week!


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