28 Jul
Bozeman Zone Conference!

Bozeman Zone Conference!

As I was reflecting on this past week and trying to decide what to write about, I decided that I’d make this letter a little different. So instead of going day by day through the week, I’m just gonna write about the highlights! (They’re not really in any particular order.)

1. Tuesday morning, we had our first District Meeting of the transfer and it was so good. It was focused on the first mission goal (we have 3) which is genuine love and commitment to the Savior. The other mission goals are quality proselyting, and the standards of excellence.

2. This week, my cold got infinitely worse and I felt like death for the first part of the week. But I’m better now, finally! Thursday was the day I finally “kicked it”, but there’s this annoying phenomenon that occurs when you live with a companion 24/7… they tend to get sick too! So poor Sister Jones caught what I had and was sick during the last half of the week. I guess you could call that good companionship unity? Haha. We made the best of it though- we did lots of of studies, listened to talks by John Bytheway, and played Book of Mormon checkers.

Rockin' some curls!

Rockin’ some curls!

3. We had dinners with members every night this past week, which was awesome. Oh, and everyone here thinks it’s fun to show the missionaries their home videos, especially their wisdom teeth videos. I love it! It makes me feel connected to their family and it also just makes me laugh. And who doesn’t love a good wisdom teeth video? Especially if you know the person. We also ate dinner this week with one of my favorite families in our ward. They have two sons on missions right now, so they are super nice to us. During dinner, they asked us what kinds of things we write home about and what kinds of things we like to hear about from back home.

4. I won my companion a stuffed dog from one of the “crane games” in Walmart last preparation day. Yes, it is still one of my random talents.

Filling a watering can.

Filling a watering can.

Doing some service by watering the garden.

Doing some service by watering the garden.

5. Friday night, we went to the 2nd Ward sisters’ baptism. It was a little 11 year old boy who was just recently adopted from Haiti to a family in their ward. When he and his dad went into to the font, they realized that the water had been draining and it was barely up to their knees! Not to mention the water was scalding hot. Poor guy had to be dunked three times before he got all the way under. His testimony afterwards was two sentences: “I know that Jesus Christ is true. I felt very warm when I was baptized.” All of us had to stifle a laugh, because I bet he was warm after three dunks in that hot water! It was a great baptism service though for sure.

6. Sunday was our Ward Conference, and it was great. Sister Jones and I are in the ward choir, and we sang a nice arrangement of “The Lord is My Shepherd”. Bozeman 3rd ward has one of the best ward choirs I’ve ever been a part of- they’re consistent and actually sound pretty good! In Relief Society, a member of the Stake RS presidency gave the lesson. She spoke about how often times we are pretty good about believing in Christ, but often we don’t believe Christ. When Christ reminds us of our divinity, we shy away from it and don’t believe we are who He says we are. At the close of the meeting she had us all sing hymn #134 “I Believe in Christ”, but to change the phrase to “Christ believes in me”. It was so beautiful and I spent most of the hymn crying. The Spirit was definitely very strong today throughout every meeting.

7. Our investigator is still progressing well to her baptism date on the 9th! We taught her this week and she is so ready and excited.

Well, that’s about it for me this week! I really do mean it when I say that I love you all so much. Your love and support means so much to me and it strengthens me so much. Thank you for your testimonies and your examples.


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