Baptizing the nations

21 Jul

Well, I am officially over the nine month mark! It’s an odd feeling- one of combined accomplishment and panic. The period of time that we get to serve as missionaries is extremely short in the long run, and I’m grateful for every day.

It’s been beautiful as usual up here in Montana, but if you’re planning a visit, I would definitely delay because you wouldn’t see the beauty through all the smoke! Apparently, there have been fires in Washington and now Idaho, and the smoke has drifted over and settled in the mountains. It makes them one big hazy blur, and the sunrise has been blood red because of the haze. It’s cleared up a little this weekend, but we’re due for another round soon supposedly.

Have I mentioned lately that I have the best area in the world?

Have I mentioned lately that I have the best area in the world?

This week we had some really good lessons with some new people. The elders in the University Ward found them for us, and did the “transition” to us teaching them. One teenage girl in particular was really great. Her dad is a less active member, and she met with missionaries when she was really young. She and I really “clicked” so I am excited to continue teaching her! We also met with another woman this week and set an official date for her baptism! It’s August 9th at 5:30pm, and building is reserved and we are setting up who’s speaking this week! She is so excited for her baptism, and she is totally ready. Sister Jones and I were reviewing her teaching record this week, and when sisters first met her she wasn’t interested in the gospel at all. Now look how far she’s come! So awesome.

On Thursday, we got up early and made the road trip over to Helena for Zone Conference! I was the driver this time, and it took a little less than two hours to drive there. We listened to some talks by John Bytheway to pass the time. This zone conference was focused on the new announcement that missionaries teach “lesson 5” (review Preach My Gospel for what that is) before and after baptism now. The emphasis for the meeting was on eternal families, and we also learned about how to teach and invite people to do family history. It was such a good conference! I also got to see a bunch of other missionary friends and catch up with them, which was fun.

Zone Conference!

Zone Conference!

After zone conference, we took a quick side trip to visit the capital building in Helena. Pretty nice place! Helena itself is a little run-down, to be honest, but at least the capitol building was nice.

This statue was HUGE!

This statue was HUGE!

Here’s my random story for the week. I was kissed by a boy for the first time since coming on my mission! Now before you start wondering too much, I’ll mention that he’s three years old. I have apparently won the heart of Cory, who is the son of a family that we visit every week. I tried to dodge his “kiss”, but he said, “No! Now just let me move your hair”. My companion was laughing so hard.

I hope and pray that you all are happy and safe! Hugs and kisses from Montana!!


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