Hot, hot, hot!

15 Jul


Well, summer is officially in full swing here in Montana! It’s been in the upper 80s and low 90s, which really isn’t that bad, except no one here has air conditioning! And I mean no one. Everyone just uses fans for the most part, so going into people’s homes isn’t really a relief. During correlation with our ward mission leader, they had their doors open because of the heat and a squirrel came in! It ran upstairs, and we had to help them chase it out. It was pretty awesome.

We have a couple fans at our apartment, and we keep the blinds closed to “beat the heat”. Our car has good AC though! It was the first week of the transfer, so that meant no district meeting this week. We also have zone conference in Helena this Thursday, so that will be fun! The entire mission is learning the song “Faith In Every Footstep”, so our district met up on Tuesday and practiced singing it. We definitely need a few more practices before Thursday… haha.

This week was unusual in that we had exchanges! So I went with a sister to work in the 2nd ward area, and her companion came with Sister Jones to work in our area. The exchange was the longest one I’ve done (from Wednesday to Friday), but we saw each other a lot, so that helped. On Wednesday, we visited an elderly less-active man who lives in an assisted living place. He was really nice, but at the end of the lesson he asked us to “pray to him”, which she explained was his way of saying “pray for me”. I was silently laughing so hard though. So she prayed, and then Don asked me to pray as well! Sister T forgot to fill me in that apparently they always pray twice at the end, hahaha. Wednesday night ended with a beautiful drive into the mountains to contact some referrals in the 2nd ward.

On Thursday, I got to see my companion while volunteering at the Food Bank, so that was fun. That evening, we visited a few people in a nearby trailer park and did some tracting. When we were walking home, we heard a “pop! pop! pop!”, and both of us jumped about a foot in the air because we thought we were being shot! Turned out to just be some leftover firecrackers, thank goodness. We ended the night with stopping by a “Shaved Ice” stand, and it was amazing! Plus, it’s owned by members, so they gave us all the extras for free, like coconut ice cream in the center, a “snowcap” which is sweetened condensed milk, and coconut flakes. The shaved ice and ice cream together was a little weird, but tasted kind of good!


We had two really awesome miracles this week! First off, one of our less active ladies came to church! She called us on Saturday, and she said that she’d prayed about coming to church like we invited her to do, and she wanted to come. She could only make it to the 1 o’clock ward, so we went to our ward at 9am, and then sacrament meeting with her at 1pm. The other miracle happened over the course of the weekend. So on Friday, the zone leaders, district leaders, and our sister training leader in the zone had a leadership meeting. Sister Jones was very thoughtful and made the elders that had to commute some sandwiches because they are always starving after meetings, but they ended up just skyping in! So, the sisters took some of the food with them, and when they went to Walmart, they gave the food and a card to the homeless man who was outside on the corner. Well, he ended up calling them three hours later, the sisters taught him a lesson on Saturday, and he came to church on Sunday! Pretty sweet.

Last miracle of the week- on Sunday, the Relief Society lesson was on baptism and we had our progressing investigator was there. She totally felt the spirit and wants to be baptized soon! We told her that if she want both Sister Jones and I there, then she’d have to do it in the next 5 weeks, and she was like, “oh, ok!”. So we’re pretty excited that we’re getting he back on date soon.

This morning, Sister Jones and I went on a hike with the 2nd ward sisters up to Palisade Falls. It was the most beautiful waterfall and hike! The pictures will show better than I can explain. Have a fantastic week!!






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