Happy Belated 4th

8 Jul

Where did July come from? It totally snuck up on me. It’s been getting pretty warm up here in Montana this week actually. It’s starting to feel like an actual summer! It’s been low 90s, but the dry heat really is different than the humid heat back in Oklahoma. So trust me, no complaints here! Oh yeah, so transfer news: Sister Jones and I are both staying! We are so stoked.

A rainy 4th!

A rainy 4th!

Last preparation day, our zone met up and played ultimate Frisbee, but with a football! It was pretty fun, and I was the official “assist” because I’d always throw to the end-zone.

Best district evah!

Best district evah!

Tuesday, we had District Meeting. I gave a discussion on the relationship between setting goals and making plans. The way I chose to approach it was by talking about what Heavenly Father’s goal and plan is for us. In Moses 1:39, it says that His work and His glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. So what is his plan? Alma 34:9, which talks about the Atonement. I also had all the missionaries make “mock” plans and goals for situations that I gave them. It went pretty well! Tuesday night, we had elk meat, and I realized just how much I missed it! Reminded me of Meeteetse. I’m gonna need to make friends with some hunters when I get home so I can have access to some good wild meat. Also Tuesday night, we had our first lesson with John. It was a little scattered at times because he liked to go off topic, but overall was pretty good! We’re meeting with him again later this week hopefully. His friends that are members were so excited when we told them that we had tracted into him, and that he was interested.

On Wednesday, we got a new “provisioning” for our iPads, which means that we had to sit at the church for like two hours and let them update. Booo. But it was worth it, because now we use a version of Safari for our internet browser and it is much faster, and they will also soon be releasing an update for our area book/planner app, which is much needed! I saw on Mormon newsroom that the Church is taking the iPad out of the pilot phase and implementing them in a lot of missions. Pretty exciting! I’m just happy that I didn’t have to buy mine like the missionaries now will have too….



Ok, so our Fourth of July was just kinda weird, haha. Not necessarily bad, but just weird! We went over to a recent convert’s house for a cookout around 3, but the food wasn’t ready until 5. So we sat there really uncomfortably trying not to watch the movie she had on. Haha, it was awkward. It also started raining around 4pm! Thankfully, the weather went back to clear skies within a couple of hours. Our fireworks plans with a member got canceled, so instead we went up to a family in 1st ward’s house that was having a big celebration. But the 1st ward sisters that who told us about it ended up being super late, so we were kind of uncomfortable because we didn’t know anyone! Oh well, the mission really is a string of awkward events that you just have to roll with. Their house was up on the mountain, and the view was incredible. We could see all of Bozeman, and all of the fireworks in town. So cool! They also had their own fireworks that we got to watch.

Saturday was so crazy! Sister Jones wasn’t feeling too good the past few days, and especially on Saturday she was having a lot of shortness of breath and wheezing. We called the medical advisor that evening, and he sent us to the ER. What’s with me and having companions going to the ER?! So they ran a bunch of tests and gave her a nebulizer treatment. The elders came and gave her a blessing, but the blessing kept getting interrupted by the nurses. They eventually determined that is was an asthmatic flare and the beginning of bronchitis. They released her from the ER around 11pm, but we had to get her prescription filled that night so we went to CVS and had to wait for forever. Interestingly though, we met some members at the ER and they also came to CVS afterwards for a prescription too! They were from Belgrade, and the lady had sliced off part of her finger. Gross! But they were really nice and talked to us. I also set a new record for the latest I’ve been out on the mission- 12:30 pm! So we slept in Sunday morning and went to the 1:00pm ward’s sacrament meeting. We took it pretty easy on Sunday, and hopefully we can be back out teaching by Tuesday for sure.

I love you all so much! Have an awesome week!


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