Liquid sunshine

24 Jun
Montana is GORGEOUS!

Montana is GORGEOUS!

Hello again! It’s a beautiful day up here in Bozeman, Montana, and for once it’s not raining! No lie, it rained every single day this week. We did get caught in it a couple times, but mostly we watched it from the comfort of our car or an investigator’s home.

It's raining, it's pouring!

It’s raining, it’s pouring!

Last Monday, we played ultimate Frisbee as a zone and it was so fun! I haven’t played ultimate since back in the YSA ward, so it was fun to play again. Last Monday evening, we contacted a referral that the Elders had given us of someone they had met on the street. it went awesome! We met a woman, who is a less active, her boyfriend and their sweet little 9 month old son. She has a brother on a mission in Mexico, so she was very welcoming to us missionaries. When we invited them to church, it was her boyfriend that was the most excited even! They didn’t end up coming on Sunday (sad face), but I still have a lot of faith in them and they are great.

Bozeman Zone

Bozeman Zone

On Tuesday, we held our first district meeting of the transfer, even though it was already week 4! It was nice to have it because we always leave feeling very spiritually rejuvenated. On Tuesday as well, we saw the coolest double rainbow!! Apparently, Bozeman has a “rainbow season”, and we are in the heart of it. I’ve seen 3 rainbows this week already, and they were a perfect, full arch and bright. We were in a lesson with a less-active family when some of their neighbors came and told us to look outside, and we saw the double rainbow. Pretty sweet.

Double rainbow all the way!

Double rainbow all the way!

Wednesday was just plain cold! We also biked all day which didn’t really help! Sister Jones and I discovered our new food addiction though: chocolate Jello mousse! It’s super easy to make, not super bad for you, and sooo yummyyyy. We had to get whipped cream for it though, and we made a really dumb joke about it by quoting the old Johnny Lingo movie: “For 1 or 2 dollars, a missionary can get quite a decent can of whipped cream. For 3 or 4, a superior one!”.

It finally warmed up a little bit on Thursday. We did yoga again as a district, which was pretty fun. When we got home from yoga, the Livingston Elders called us, which was unusual because it was so early. Their question: “How do you get a tick off?”. Gross!! Apparently one of them got a tick on his back while sleeping. Ewww. We suggest burning it with a lighter and then gently pulling it out with tweezers. They were like, “ok, stay on the line, we’re gonna try it”. With much yelling and howling on their part, and much laughter on our’s, they did eventually get it off thankfully! Now I’m all paranoid about getting a tick though.

Church on Sunday was super good. When we showed up for choir a little late, I noticed that our pianist and back up pianist weren’t there, so our poor choir director was trying to do it all. So of course I volunteered and sight read the music, which thankfully wasn’t too difficult. Thank you Mom and Dad for letting me take piano lessons all those years! I love being able to share my talents. Afterwards, Bishop Larney came up and to me and said, “Well, aren’t you just a regular Swiss army knife!”. I thought that was a nice compliment.

One last funny thing! So we have a lady in Relief Society who is quite elderly. With a kind of on-topic comment, she told this cute story: “I was always taught that my Daddy’s snoring meant that he was protecting the house. The louder the snores, the more protected we were!”. Haha, I loved that.

I love you all dearly! I love getting and reading your letters- they mean so much to me. Thank you for all the support and prayers. Love you and miss you!


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