Workin’ hard in Bozeman

13 May
The Bridger Mountains make for a beautiful sight!

The Bridger Mountains make for a beautiful sight!

We had a pretty good week this week. Our meetings and scheduled appointments were all jumbled around though, so I was never quite clear on what day it was each day. On Tuesday, our Zone Leaders challenged us to tract for an hour a day if we don’t have appointments. Our mission is pushing hard to break the record of baptisms in a month for the mission- 70 baptisms! We had 52 last month, so I think we can do it! On Tuesday also we had dinner with our new Ward Mission Leader and his wife. They are so awesome!

On Wednesday, we had a impromptu meeting with the missionaries here in Bozeman to help us practice tracting a little bit. It really helped! In almost 7 months on the mission, I had never received training on tracting, so that was needed. And as Preach My Gospel says, nothing happens in missionary work until you find someone to teach. We are gonna “find” like crazy this week! We had a really cool experience later that day. We contacted an online media referral named Beth. Now, the thing about online referrals is that they usually don’t really work out because people do it as pranks on their friends honestly. Well, when we contact Beth, she let us right in and started talking to us. Her daughter has been investigating the church down in Billings, so she was curious about it too! We are gonna go back this week and teach her the Restoration, and we are so excited!

Thursday, we had Zone Training and it was super good. They focused a lot on helping people make and keep commitments and following the Spirit. Our zone leaders shared with us a pretty funny “finding” story that they had had the night before. The zone leaders had just come from a hard lesson and were feeling kinda down, so they decided to get some ice cream. Well, they knew that a tub of ice cream would be the most cost effective, but they really wanted Dairy Queen! So they pull over their car and try to decide. Elder Johnson finally was like, “Go with what you KNOW, man! You KNOW you love Dairy Queen! Go get yourself a chocolate extreme!”. (This is the point that we all started dying laughing. Elder Johnson is usually a pretty “reserved” elder, so to hear him tell this story is hilarious). So they went to Dairy Queen, and actually ended up meeting a less-active in their ward working there that they had been trying to find! The Lord truly does work through a variety of ways- even your stomach sometimes.

Friday was a day full of service pretty much. We were so tired by the end of the day! We volunteered at the food bank for 4 hours, and we ended up having to help unload a truck with just us and a couple other people because the other missionaries had to leave. It was fun, but hard! Then Friday night we helped a member that we teach, Cara, make stuff for her bake sale on Saturday. So much baking! It was pretty fun though. 🙂 We had a really good lesson later that night with some less-active youth in our ward. They were both really attentive and interested, and we both feel strongly that they could be reactivated soon. This past weekend was good too, but I’m totally blanking on what we did, haha. I promise we did missionary work!

The picture I couldn't get to upload to Facebook!

The picture I couldn’t get to upload to Facebook!

I love you all so much. Thank you for your support and prayers- they mean so much! Have an awesome week!!


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