29 Apr

So normally I bring my journal with me to emailing and I just copy stories out of there, but I forgot it today! So I’m working off of memory for this week, so hopefully I’m able to recall everything. The weather was kinda cloudy and drizzly all week, but not terrible. We woke up to six inches of snow today though! I guess that’s just an end of April norm here in Montana, haha.

Is it really necessary for it to snow at the end of April? Apparently so in Montana.

Is it really necessary for it to snow at the end of April? Apparently so in Montana.

It was my first official, full week here in Bozeman, and it was a pretty good week! Last Monday, we went on a hike as a zone. The university here in town has a big “M” on the side of the mountain, kinda like BYU’s “Y”. There were two paths up- the extreme one and the easy switchback one (as we learned later). Unsure of which to take because we thought they were the same, some one said, “Choose the Right!” and we ended up on the really steep one on the right! I thought I was gonna dieeeee. Haha. It was pretty fun though, and definitely worth it once we got to the top. Then one of the elders accidentally dropped his football, and we watched it bounce the entire way down the mountain… hahaha, it was awesome. I was impressed that he found and recovered it later!

On Tuesday, we had our first district meeting of the transfer, but we were missing two companionships because of Mission Leadership Council meeting. So there were only three companionships there! Pretty small. The Cody District that I came from had seven companionships, so even just having five feels a lot smaller. It’s all good though. Oh man, I totally can’t remember at all what happened on each day, so I’ll just give you an overall look at my week.

Our investigator is definitely getting baptized this Saturday!! We taught her all of the commandments in two lessons this week- whew! We were worried about getting everything taught in time, especially cause she’s been really sick this weekend. Our Zone Leaders were super inspired though and suggested that we try doing a FaceTime lesson with here. We were able to set it up, and it went perfectly! It is amazing the tools we now have at our hands as missionaries. Even with all the challenges this week with trying to meet with her, she is such a powerful example to me of having a desire to change and acting on it. I just love her to death! Her testimony is amazing. The baptism is this Saturday at 3pm, and then she invited us to her family dinner afterwards.

Car selfie.

Car selfie.

I had a pretty cool experience teaching a lesson this week. First off, we had exchanges this week with our Sister Training Leaders, but instead of actually exchanging, we did a “trio exchange” where one of them just came with us for a couple days. Well, during this exchange, Sister Jones got a stomach bug and we were going to have to miss one of our appointments. Not wanting to have to cancel, we called up a ward member and I went out on splits with here while Sister Steck stayed with Sister Jones. It was super nerve-wracking going on splits because (1) it was my first time going on splits and (2) I had never met the less-active we were teaching! The Lord blessed me with a “go-and-do” attitude that night though, so I went and did! We ended up having a super powerful lesson. I felt prompted to read with her the account of the Zoramites and their Rameumptom, and talk about how the gospel needs to be an everyday thing, not just a once a week thing. We got down to the root of her concerns, which was that she didn’t really believe in the Book of Mormon. I challenged her to read it and pray to find answers, and she agreed. The member I went with added so much with her testimony and experience. I am so grateful for members that support the missionaries!

We had a good week of contacting referrals too. We delivered a free Holy Bible to some people that had requested one, and it turned out to be a part-member family that we had just barely met on Sunday! They invited us right in, and they are trying really hard right now to get back on track. We left them with a spiritual thought, and they even invited us over for dinner! This past weekend they had a huge YSA Conference up here in Bozeman. We helped set up for their huge dinner Saturday night and it took foreverrrr. Later that night, we came by the church to see if they needed help cleaning up. They were having a dance, and it was so weird to be a missionary there! We left quickly, hahaha. We did over hear a random compliment though- a girl said as we walked by, “The sister missionaries dress so much cuter now”. Well thank you!

That’ll about do me this week! I love you all and pray for you daily. Call your local missionaries and see if you can go out on splits with them!!


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