First week in Montana

22 Apr
Beautiful Montana!

Beautiful Montana!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a blessed and wonderful Easter. What an incredible occasion to remember our Savior even more! Well, I am officially writing you from Bozeman, Montana! It’s odd to actually be serving in the state I was called to, lol. Bozeman is awesome though! Really, it feels just like home. Montana State University is a huge part of the town, so we see students biking around with backpacks. There are trees everywhere, tons of shopping (I have a Walmart AND a Target within ten minutes) and really it reminds me so much of Norman! Our stake center is even laid out exactly like the one at home.

Some members gave us super cute Easter baskets made from a milk gallon!

Some members gave us super cute Easter baskets made from a milk gallon!

My companion is awesome. She’s from a small town in California and she’s been out one transfer less than me. I’m senior companion, which is sweet because I get to drive. She came to Bozeman mid-transfer, so she’s been here about 9 weeks.



Oh goodness, where to even begin? I feel like it has been at least a month since I last. Let’s see, last Monday was fairly uneventful. We had dinner one last time with a family in the ward and we got our truck all nice and muddy. Tuesday was spent packing all morning, and then visiting everyone before I left. It was so sad to leave! I love Meeteetse with all my soul. But I’m sure that if I’d stayed any longer, it would have been even harder to leave. Everyone was really kind to me when I said my goodbyes. Then Tuesday afternoon we loaded up the truck and met up with the other missionaries in Cody to carpool to the transfer van in Lovell. We traveled to Billings Tuesday night and stayed overnight at some sisters’ apartment there in Billings. Talk about hectic! Then early Tuesday morning we were back in the van headed to Bozeman! I lucked out that Bozeman was the first stop, so I was there around like 9:30 AM. There I finally met my new companion! So the van was driving up to Helena, and then was coming back through to pick up the people leaving Bozeman, so we were in a trio until the afternoon, and then it was just me and my companion!

My zone!  A view from the top,

My zone went for a hike. A view from the top,

We live in a little two bedroom apartment by ourselves, and I love it! We have all those awesome 90’s Mormonads hanging up on the walls. There is a serious need for some organizing though, which I’m kinda excited about doing. I’m gonna leave this apartment looking awesome! There are three wards in Bozeman, and our area is super on fire. We have two investigators on date for baptism right now too! One of the girls is so awesome. She apparently showed up at church about three weeks ago and stood up in Relief Society and said that she wanted to join the church! So the missionaries were like, “we can help with that!”. She is so humble and sweet. Her mom is a less-active member, but her grandfather was a really strong member. When he passed away a few months ago, it was really hard on her and she decided to look into his religion. She has made a complete 180 on her life, and is really excited about her baptism on the 3rd!

So here’s a couple funny little facts about Montana that I’ve discovered. First, there’s no sales tax! So if you go to Walmart and the price is $3.99, then you actually pay $3.99! Another funny thing is that people talk weird here. There really is a Montana accent! For example, take the word “bag”. Instead of saying “bag” like “bah-g” like normal people, they say “bay-g”. And “flay-g” instead of flag. And “dray-gon” instead of dragon. It’s so bizarre!! Another thing is that everyone here looks down on Wyoming as country-bumpkins, lol. And also, there is seriously more advertising for Yellowstone park in Montana than in Wyoming. I think they like to pretend that Yellowstone is mostly in their state… it’s not. Hahaha.

The work is awesome, companion is great, and I’m happy to be here! My only complaint is that we have been driving everywhere, and I miss walking! Hopefully we’re getting our bikes in the next couple of weeks. Well, that’s about it for me this week! Have an awesome week!!


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