15 Apr

Well, it finally happened… I’ve been transferred! I’ll be heading up to Bozeman, Montana tomorrow night. It feels so unreal! Sister V will stay here in Meeteetse with a new companion, but then Sister V will leave for Temple Square in just four weeks. Crazy! I’ll be in the Bozeman 3rd Ward; I’ve never met my companion so it’ll be a surprise! Now I have to pack up all my junk… yikes! Six months in an area makes you really get settled in, lemme tell ya, hahaha. I’m heartbroken to leave Meeteetse, but I know the Lord has better plans than me so I’ll just trust in Him.

I used that hemming adhesive stuff, and it worked perfect! I also had a lot of fun running around with my pirate wrap on from the bottom of the dress!

I used that hemming adhesive stuff, and it worked perfect! I also had a lot of fun running around with my pirate wrap on from the bottom of the dress!

Last preparation day was pretty fun- we made a trek up to Powell, WY and went thrift store shopping! I made out like a bandit: 3 skirts, a dress, and a blazer; total cost under $20! I even used my awesome modification skills and hemmed the skirts and did some alterations. I’m feeling pretty proud of myself! On Wednesday, we had zone training in Powell as well. There is construction on the road to Powell though, and we got caught in 20 minutes of standstill traffic. Haven’t had to deal with traffic in a long time! The meeting was really good. Sister V led a role-play about teaching with the pamphlets and I played the piano. We took some District and Zone pictures at the end too since it was our last meeting of the transfer. Pretty fun!

The Cody District! Love these crazy people.

The Cody District! Love these crazy people.

Church is true, the Book is blue!

Church is true, the Book is blue!

In other news, I managed to crack another windshield! Well, not me specifically, but I think a rock hit us or something so we’re gonna have to get it replaced because it keeps spreading. I think I’m gonna get a reputation in the mission office!

Sister V and I had a pretty good scare this week. We were having dinner at a member’s house, and they live just a little bit out of town. When we pulled up, we saw this weird dog-thing laying down by their shed. On second glance, it was a coyote! Naturally we weren’t too inclined to get out of the car. Well, after looking at it for a bit, we figured out that it was probably dead. So we tiptoed out of the car and hot footed it inside the member’s house! We told the member, and she was like, “Oh, the coyote! Let me tell you the story on that one…”. Apparently here in Wyoming you get a bounty for shooting coyotes, so her husband had shot it a couple of months ago and took it in for the bounty, and then dumped it in their yard! But it’s been so snowy that it’s been frozen and covered up. Grosssss!! She said that she’s been trying to get her husband to take care of it for a while now, and that is would be gone by the next time we came! Hahaha, I love Wyoming.

The deer have started shedding their winter coat, and they all look like they have mange...

The deer have started shedding their winter coat, and they all look like they have mange…

The weather was super gorgeous on Friday! Everyone in town was outside working in their lawns and gardens, and we got to talk to so many people! It made us really late for some of our appointments though. We did a lot of raking and other outdoor service this week. It was barely 65 degrees, and I even managed my first sunburn! We were doing some raking for an older lady, Anne, who had a stroke, and she talked to us about how she had seen us shoveling snow for her neighbor a month ago. We had been doing “Spirit-tracting-service” where we shoveled the driveways of those we felt prompted too. Well, apparently when the owner of the house got home that night, she just about cried because she was so tired and she saw that her driveway was done. She called Anne, and Anne told her that the “Mormon girls” had done it. It was so cool to find out about this so much later, because we hadn’t seen any fruits of that labor initially. The Lord is truly blessing us! Overall, we had a good week of service and lessons. Two of our less-actives have been progressing a lot, and it’s been really cool to see that. I know that Sister V and the new Sister will do amazing miracles here in Meeteetse! This area is just right of the brink of exploding in activity. I am sad to leave all these people that I have become so attached too, but I know that the Lord has plans for me in Bozeman.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter! We taught an Easter lesson last night to a part-member family, and it re-confirmed my testimony in my heart. Christ is everything! He brings me hope and peace. He suffered for each of us and provided the Atonement which allows each of us new beginnings and unlimited possibilities. I am eternally grateful to my Lord, my Comforter, my Friend, my Redeemer, my Savior! My heart says Hallelujah! Happy Easter everyone!


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  1. Peter and Linda Gorshe April 15, 2014 at 1:05 pm #

    Sister Hoggan, we are so grateful for your service in Wyoming and soon Montana. Thank you for posting all of your wonderful experiences each week. It makes us feel like we are right there with you. It was the Sister Missionaries who first rang our doorbell 37 years ago and taught us about the restored Gospel. I can clearly remember them showing us the picture of Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove kneeling before the Father and the Son. That was the beginning for us and our lives have never been the same. It affected us and all of our posterity to come. We now have 12 grandchildren and each of them will have the opportunity to accept the gospel. Some will even share it with the world, as you are doing. God bless you in the marvelous work you are doing. Bro. & Sister Gorshe

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