A good week!

26 Mar
We found a horse. We fed it a carrot.

We found a horse. We fed it a carrot.

Hello all! I hope you have had an awesome week. Meeteetse is doing good! We had a pretty fun preparation day last Monday- we did a little sight-seeing! The Buffalo Bill Dam is about 5 miles outside of Cody, so we drove out there and took lot of pictures. The dam was closed though. Super bummer. But we still made the best of it and had fun. It was one of the Elder’s birthdays, so we went back to the church building and had ice cream cake and celebrated with him.

Sister Helm and I climbed in the big green thing that we found by the dam. Elder Jackson tried to photo-bomb us!

Sister Helm and I climbed in the big green thing that we found by the dam. Elder Jackson tried to photo-bomb us!

Monday night was super awesome- we had dinner with only nonmembers! Some members were supposed to feed us, but they had to unexpectedly go out of town. They mentioned it to their friend in conversation, and he was like, “Well, hey, I can feed em’!” It was so fun. We had dinner with the man, his daughter, and her friend. The two girls were both our age- they were the first ones our age we have ever met here in Meeteetse!

This week went by so fast- I’m struggling here to remember what all happened. On Tuesday we had a good district meeting like usual. It was pretty cold though again! This week has been another blast of winter. I’m ready for spring! It’s really not too bad though thankfully. I’ll take 30 degrees over 20 below any day! On Thursday, we called some investigators and tried to set up a meeting with them. They have just had the worst past few weeks! The man’s dad was in the hospital, their car kicked the bucket, etc. I had to laugh though, because the woman still had a pretty good humor about it all. She’s an older lady, and she said, “Well, it’s a good thing I can’t get pregnant, or that would have happened too!” Hahaha, love it. On Friday we taught a bunch of lessons and even had some members present with us! Y’all should totally go out teaching with your local missionaries. It’s fun, it’s spiritual, and it’s so helpful for the work!!

I love my companion!

I love my companion!

So Sister V and I have been trying to eat healthier this week, and we’ve had some funny experiences because of it. On Friday, we decided to throw away all the chips, snacks, etc., that were bad for us. We have a dumpster that we walk to when we take out the trash, and so I just chucked it all it. Well, then Sis. V was like, “Wait, we should have given the chips to the elders!” I realized that she was right, so I tried to reach in and grab them. (They were still in their bags… they weren’t dirty or anything! lol). I ended up having to lean completely on the dumpster, feet off the ground, to reach them! Shhhh, the elders will never know.
We also had a member feed us for dessert Strawberry Shortcake on a donut. I could feel my arteries clogging, hahaha.

Whyyyy does this exist, hahaha.

Whyyyy does this exist? Hahaha.

We got to give the elders their chips on Saturday, because we drove up to Cody for a baptism. It was the first baptism I have been able to see on my mission. So inspiring! The lady who was baptized, Sarah, gave her testimony and it was so good. She talked about how her husband was a less-active member, and they had tried out lots of different churches. She always kind of ignored the missionaries when they would come over to see her husband, but her heart was softened when they helped them move. Years later, after a lot of prayer and study, she finally decided to get baptized! It’s amazing to see how small acts of service and kindness open hearts and doors.

Yesterday in church, we had our “fifth Sunday” lesson a week early because our Bishop has to be gone next week. He talked about getting excited to do family history work! One thought particularly stuck out to me. Genealogy work is about birth and death dates, ex: 1917-1992. Family History is about the “dash” in between those two dates, 1917 {-} 1992. Who they were, what they liked, etc! It really is exciting to get on Family Search and find out about our ancestors. I invite each of you to check out all the new features, especially the pictures and the cousins-finder!

I think I told you that President Mecham is now allowing missionaries to go to the temple as a preparation day activity. Well, our district is doing a temple trip together next week! Since the temple is closed on Mondays, we’re allowed to move our preparation day to another day, which will be Wednesday for us. We are so excited to get to go! Our district it huge- one of the biggest in the mission. We have, including us, 3 sets of sisters and 4 sets of elders, so 15 missionaries total because the zone leaders are in a trio. It’ll be fun! We have to have members drive us, and thankfully a member in Cody has like a 12 passenger van, so we’re pretty much covered. So don’t expect an email from me this Monday! It’ll be on Wednesday.

Well, that’s really about it for me this week. Sorry my letters are getting kind of preachy! It just happens when you’re a missionary, hahaha. I love hearing from each of you, regardless of how trivial it may seem to you. Even just a “hello” brightens my day! I love you all soooo much and miss you bunches!!!


2 Responses to “A good week!”

  1. Peter and Linda Gorshe March 27, 2014 at 6:21 pm #

    I wonder if the missionaries have been back to see the Stringari’s I wrote them and bore my testimony and asked them to listen to the gospel message, so it might be good for them to contact them again. Bro. Gorshe

  2. booklover57 April 2, 2014 at 6:25 pm #

    I actually felt prompted to see them again this week! Definitely gonna see them soon. 🙂

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