From your favorite Sister Missionary!

4 Mar

Hello everyone! First off, I’m staying in Meeteetse with Sister V for the next transfer! I hope you all are staying warm and safe there in Oklahoma. I’m gonna brag a little bit- it’s about 55 degrees here and sunny! Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. We deserve it too, because this weekend was cold! It snowed too, but not nearly as much as they predicted. The weather people were basically predicting snow-maggedon for here, but it all went north of us and we got maybe 4 inches tops.



I’ll start with my most exciting story from last Monday. We had a “district preparation day” up in Cody with all the other missionaries and we played lots of games, which was fun. We were playing our game of podball/dodgeball, and I was running alongside the wall to avoid getting hit. Someone threw the ball at me, so I quickly turned and ducked. Well, I avoided the ball, but not the wall! Concrete walls are pretty hard when you hit them with your head, hahaha. I quickly sat down by one of the other sisters who was out, and I could feel a big goose-egg coming up on my forehead on the left. After about a minute or so, I asked my companion Sister V if my head was super red, and she was like, “You’re bleeding!” Long story short, I totally busted my eyebrow. I got it cleaned up pretty well, and it stopped bleeding fairly quickly, so we figured I didn’t need stitches. So for Monday and Tuesday, I rocked a pretty sweet butterfly closure bandage over my left eyebrow. I seriously looked like I’d been in a fight! The remarkable thing is that it is almost completely healed and gone today. I don’t think I’ll even get a scar. The best part of it all was coming up with different stories to tell about how I got it. I jokingly told one our less actives that my new companion had beat me up, and she totally started getting mad at Sister V! I quickly told her the truth of course, but it was hilarious.

My battle wound!

My battle wound!

On Tuesday, I led a role-play/discussion on teaching the Law of Chastity at District Meeting. I focused on how to not make it awkward, and then I made them role-play it as Elder/Sister pairs. It was kind of funny to watch some of them squirm, but a lot of people told me afterwards that they really appreciated it!



After district meeting, we had a “sister’s lunch” together, since one of the sisters was going home this past week. Our waiter was hilarious, and at one point he came up to us and asked if we as missionaries could get married. So we told him that we could after our missions. The waiter then proceeds to holler across the cafe at a table of guys and says, “Hey guys! I asked for you, and they can get married!” and then turned to us and said, “Girls, go talk to those guys over there!” A couple of the sisters went and gave them a card.

The weather was pretty nasty this weekend, but that didn’t slow us down! Actually, this past week we had the best numbers that Meeteetse has ever seen. And we just heard from our Zone leaders that our Zone did the best ever too! The Lord truly is hastening His work. It’s not about the numbers though, it’s really just about the people that we touch. If we had only had one lesson, but that lesson was meaningful, then I would call it a successful week. We had a couple of lessons this past week that we didn’t plan on, but we felt prompted to teach. The spirit there was so powerful, and I know that the Lord truly was leading us. I have been reading the Book of Mormon lately, and I have been marking the attributes of Christ and the doctrine of Christ. I have started marking “remembrance” as a Christlike attribute, and I really have increased my testimony of remembrance. All throughout the Book of Mormon the prophets exhort the people to remember. Why? Because if we always remember our covenants and our divine identity, the adversary would have far less power over us. It takes faith to receive an answer to a prayer, but it takes more faith to remember that answer and continue to act on it!

I love you all so much! I hope you have a fantastic week, and know that I pray for you daily.


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