A snowy week

11 Feb
My eyelashes have icicles!

My eyelashes have icicles!

Hello everyone! This week totally flew by here in Wyoming. First off, quick update on my knee. I talked to our medical adviser last week, and he gave me some stuff to do to help it heal. It’s doing better I think, but still not healed yet. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts- keep em’ coming!

Last preparation day, my companion and I finally went on our much anticipated hike! We went to the Upper Sunshine Reservoir and climbed up some rocks and stuff. We saw this massive eagle there – it had to have had a wingspan of 5 ft at least! Sister G was afraid of it attacking us, hahaha. While hiking, we reached one point where we probably could have gone up, but it was getting kind of dangerous. We both heard the words of President Hinckley saying “Don’t do anything stupid”. So we were good missionaries and stopped there! It was pretty chilly, but thankfully the rocks shielded us mostly from the wind.

Conquered the rock!

Conquered the rock!

Earlier this week too, we came out of seminary and we saw that there were tons of hoof prints on the main road! We asked around, and apparently our main street is also a path for cattle drives when the ranchers move their cows. Only in Meeteetse! Now there’s tons of cow poop on the road too.

Tuesday was another bitter cold day- I’m not sure if it ever got about 0 degrees! After District Meeting, we went and got lunch at Wendy’s, and a nice lady gave each of us $5 for lunch! So kind! And then, the guy at the register gave us 10% off as well! Missionaries really are blessed.

Wednesday stayed really cold again, but we press onward! We went over to the Chocolatier and did some contacting. And some eating. It was awesome.

My breath makes my hair icy.

My breath makes my hair icy.

Thursday started out kind of unique- the entire town was out of power! We think it was the extreme cold that busted it. It was only off for maybe 2 hours, and thankfully, since our house is small, it stayed pretty warm! We helped out on the weekly Senior Bus trip to Cody on Thursday too. We have the nicest elderly ladies here in Meeteetse. Thursday night, we had a good lesson with our new investigators at their member friends’ house. We’re hoping to see them tonight again! It’s so exciting to see people desire truth and peace in their lives and be able to help them find it.

Drove out to a ranch for dinner with members- so much snow!! Grateful for our truck. And for the beautiful scenery!

Drove out to a ranch for dinner with members- so much snow!! Grateful for our truck. And for the beautiful scenery!

It literally snowed ALL day on Saturday and Sunday. It was just a really light snow, but we did get probably 6-8 inches overall. Did some shoveling, but there’s still lots more to do! On Saturday, we taught a recently reactivated elderly man. We saw that he had cat food, so we asked about his cat. He said that it’s a stray that he sorta takes care of. We asked what it’s name was, and he responded with a grin, “Oh… just Cat”. You’d have to know him to truly appreciate it, but we had a good laugh.

Well, that’s about it for me this week! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, and have a great week!!


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