Hello again!

21 Jan

Another week has gone by once again! It’s crazy that January is already over halfway over. Transfer calls were last night, and my companion and I are both staying in Meeteetse! She will go back to Temple Square in 4 weeks, so I’ll be getting a new companion then for sure. I’m excited to get to stay in Meeteetse! I bet I’ll be here at least another transfer after that so that I could train someone on the area- looks like my first area will be 6 months probably!

The welcome sign in the park.

The welcome sign in the park.

Last Monday’s preparation day was great! We met up with some of the missionaries in Cody and played some epic basketball. It was me and my companion and one elder versus four elders… And we won! Well, we won the first game and then came really close to winning the second game. We’ve been practicing in the mornings for exercise, so we’re pretty excited about our rematch today!

Monday night, we ate dinner with one of the younger families in the ward. Their little girl who is around 7 told us to “guess what I want to be when I grow up!” Of course, we responded “a missionary!” Her response was an emphatic “no!”… followed by “I want to be a missionary princess!” We had a pretty good laugh!

On Tuesday, we got up like usual to get ready for seminary and we got a phone call from the mom of the students we teach. She said, “Have you looked outside?” We said, “No, should we?” Needless to say, we’d had about a foot of snow dumped overnight! We decided to cancel seminary because the schools were being delayed, but we still had to head out not long after because we had zone training in Powell. When we stepped outside, our seminary student Brent and his mom were finishing shoveling our driveway for us! So nice! The plows had been going all night, so thankfully the drive to Powell was pretty easy. Zone training lasted most of the day, but it was really inspiring and revelatory. We had several missionary-led breakout sessions where we practiced different teaching skills and learned a ton.

Snow up to my knees! (That’s a spot on the photo, not a bruise on my face!!)

Snow up to my knees! (That’s a spot on the photo, not a bruise on my face!!)

Pile of snow in the church parking lot.

Pile of snow in the church parking lot.

Tuesday night, we went to the Relief Society activity which was such a fun activity! It was pretty simple- it was called “my favorite things”. Everyone brought three of their favorite things and shared them! It could be something sentimental, something useful, anything except family pictures (cause we’d all bring that!). It was neat to get to know everyone that way. My three favorite things were: my toothbrush stand (I love that it doesn’t fall over when I bump it!), my ring that I wear everyday (it says, “if God brings you to it, he will bring you through it”), and my OU t-shirt.

The rest of the week, we really just taught a bunch of lessons! We’ve been averaging about 20 lessons a week, which is the best this area has ever seen. Actually, our whole mission is doing great! For 2013, we were the highest baptizing mission in the central US zone of missions. The Lord has His hand in Montana and Wyoming! We’re seeing a lot of progress in some of our less-actives, which is awesome. It’s just so sad to see people that still believe in the gospel, but let petty grievances things keep them from church. In time, I know that the spirit of the Lord will work on them and get them back on the right path. Our two main investigators both made some progress, but Satan is really working on both of them hard. Please keep them in your prayers!

On Wednesday morning we hit the pavement and shoveled basically all of town that hadn’t been shoveled yet! We did take a break at one point and build a snowman- it was awesome! Even with all the snow, the weather has been amazing all week and pretty warm, so it melted the snow just enough to make it perfect for snowballs and snowmen. 🙂 We built our snowman in the morning, but when we came back in the afternoon to take a picture, his head had fallen off! Such a shame!

So. Much. Snow.

So. Much. Snow.

One more random story for my letter this week- apparently I talk in my sleep! A lot too. Never would have known except for having a companion. I even sang a couple nights ago! We have a “Standards of Excellence” song set to the tune of “Follow the prophet” that gets stuck in our heads all the time, and it’s so ingrained in me that it’s even in my sleep now, hahaha.

I think my lips have finally adjusted to the dry weather here- they were permanently bleeding I think for the first month and a half, no matter how much chapstick I put on.

So we ate dinner last night out at a member’s house who lives on a ranch about 25 miles out of town. I just saw on Facebook that they spent half the night fighting wolves away from their house and livestock. And they also showed us pictures last night of the wolves and bears that they’ve seen… ahhh!! I really do live out in the boonies!

That’s about it for me this week! I’m excited to enter my third transfer now, and officially not be in training anymore. I hope you all have a fantastic week, and I love you!!


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