A new year!

7 Jan

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year!! This time of year truly is a time for reflection and goals. I know that as I sat down and wrote out my goals for this year, I was filled with anticipation for everything to come! (I hope each of you set a goal to write your favorite missionary! hahaha) Some of my goals for 2014 are to read the entire standard works and work on a different Christ-like attribute every month. This month is faith, so you’ll probably hear a lot about that because it’s been on my mind! Our Mission theme for 2014 is “Fear not, but BE BELIEVING”. I am so excited for all the wonderful things that are in store for the upcoming year!

Pretty, pretty, pretty Wyoming!

Pretty, pretty, pretty Wyoming!

Last Monday was just a pretty chill day all-around. We stayed in most of the day so my companion could rest and finish healing. With my extra time, I finally got around to fixing some of my clothes! For some reason, I had a jacket, a shirt, a sweater, and a sock all get holes within two weeks of each other! So I got to be all domestic and hand-sew my clothes that evening. I’m not sure that being a seamstress is in my future, but hey, I didn’t do too terrible of a job by my reckoning!

On Tuesday, we had District Meeting in Cody as always, and I got to give a discussion on hope. After District Meeting, we went over to Walmart and got our groceries for the week. My companion tried to use one of the electric scooter things, but the only one available was broken! So instead I pushed her around in a wheelchair, and we probably had way too much fun doing so.

On Wednesday, we got back into the swing of missionary work! My companion is doing super well, and then only thing really bothering her any more is that the pain medication that she was on messed up her sleep. No bueno! But overall, it’s been pretty good. We taught bunches of lessons this week, which was awesome. It’s frustrating sometimes to see our investigators believe and accept our message, but not be willing to change their lives. I have FAITH that, in time, their hearts will be changed!

On Thursday we did service over at the Antique store, and we started trying to organize the upstairs part. It’ll be a process, but with time I think it’ll eventually look pretty good! On Friday we had dinner with a family, and they live about 30 minutes out of town on a huge ranch. It was dirt roads 98% of the way, and I thought our poor car wasn’t gonna survive! We did manage to get lost once, but thankfully it just led us back to where we started, so we got an easy redo, hahaha. They had the cutest little one week old puppies!!



On our way back home, at one point we decided to just pull over and get out and look at the stars. There is seriously nothing like it! It was just utterly pitch black all around us and the sky was just incredible. The trip to and from the ranch had a death toll of two rabbits, and I felt so bad!! My companion promised me that they would be waiting to greet me in Heaven though.

It snowed a couple times this week, but I don’t think the accumulation was ever over an inch or two. Thankfully the snow is super powdery, so we can walk in it just fine and not get wet!

Got caught partying in the snow... haha!

Got caught partying in the snow… haha!

In testimony meeting on Sunday, one of the little primary kids got up and bore their testimony and said, “I know that Heavenly Father died for us, and Jesus was the first true prophet”…. hahaha, well, she was just a little off. On Sunday, we kept slipping on the ice! It had been warm a couple days before, so some snow had melted but had since refrozen as ice. And then it snowed on Sunday, so we couldn’t see what was ice and what wasn’t! Needless to say, we decided to step very carefully for the rest of the day.

Just watchin' out for my fellow people!

Just watchin’ out for my fellow people!

This morning, we taught Seminary for the first time!! It went really well I thought. Seminary has such a special place in my heart- I feel so blessed to get to teach it right now! We already have to have a sub tomorrow though, lol. We have to go to Powell tomorrow for my companion’s follow-up appointment and to get the oil changed in the car- fun times!
Well, I think that’s about it for me this week! I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!


One Response to “A new year!”

  1. Peter and Linda Gorshe January 7, 2014 at 5:06 pm #

    Good report, Sister Hoggan. By the way, I have some friends in Cody I haven’t seen or heard from in many years.. They are Gene and Athea Stringari and they used to own the gift shop on the main street. I’m thinking they still do. Anyway, would you give that information to whomever would be the ones to call on them and tell them to say hi for me. They just might be ready to listen to the missionaries. Bro. Gorshe

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