It’s almost Christmas!

23 Dec

Merry Christmas everyone!! Christmas really has snuck up on me this year. I still feel like it is the beginning of December! This past week was really good, but kind of odd too. We had a lot of meetings and driving that took away from our teaching time, but it was all definitely worth it.

Wyoming at its finest!

Wyoming at its finest!

On Tuesday, we woke up at 4am so we could make it to our carpool in Cody on time for Zone Conference in Billings. We were really blessed to have a member drive us and the Cody Sisters up there so we didn’t have to use our miles.
This Zone Conference was special because it was the Christmas one, so half of the mission was there! What a special and wonderful experience it was. I helped out on piano for several of the congregational hymns and also the choir sectionals for it. The conference part was very music-heavy, so many people did musical numbers, including me! I played “The First Noel” from my Marvin Goldstein book. The talks and testimonies from the conference were all so wonderful and inspiring. They introduced our 2014 mission theme- “Be Believing”! I love it!

Wyoming North-Billings Zone!

Wyoming North-Billings Zone!

Oh man, our lunch activities during the conference were a BLAST! The Billings Stake Relief Society made us all an amazing ham dinner and tons of pies for dessert. We sang some original “mission-specific” Christmas songs (see attached picture), played bell chimes for fun, chatted forever, and then to top it all off, Santa came! The APs came running into the gym with full Santa, elf, and Christmas present attire. So great!

Bell Chimes... don't even know the two missionaries next to me!

Bell Chimes… don’t even know the two missionaries next to me!

We all got our pictures taken with Santa of course. At the end of lunch, they gave us all our Christmas present sacks. Inside was everything from a new toothbrush to candy to handwarmers. And best of all was our letters from home. I sat there and bawled the entire time I read it…. thankfully I wasn’t the only missionary doing so though! It brought back so many wonderful Christmas memories, and I just loved it.

On Wednesday night we got to go caroling with the Young Men and Young Women and deliver cookies- so fun! Brought me back to when I used to do that as a young woman. One of the people we tried weren’t home, so we suggested one of our investigators. She told us later that week that it had meant so much to her! It’s amazing how the Lord directs us even when we’re not aware of it.

Me and our only Young Woman. Love her!

Me and our only Young Woman. Love her!

Thursday we helped some people move, and that was an adventure! We ended up helping them finish packing too, and it was snowing so the inside of the moving van got really slick. I nearly fell several times! Oh yeah, so this week I officially slipped for the first time. I totally caught myself so it wasn’t bad at all, but of course it was right in front of the Wea Market Gas Station (the busiest place in town!), so a bunch of people saw and honked at me once they saw I was alright. We found out Thursday night that we would be having an impromptu Zone training up in Powell the next day, so we had to make a bunch of changes to our schedule for that. The zone training was great though, definitely felt the Holy Ghost directing us in what we needed to do in our area. Faith, not fear!

Saturday we helped yet another person move, but that one went a lot smoother thankfully. That night, we had a really good lesson with one of our progressing investigators. Honestly, I know he knows it’s true, but I think he’s just scared of what it might mean for his life. Faith, not fear! (it’s kind of my motto this week.)

Today, we’re going to Cody to bake cookies with the sisters up there, and then we’re gonna play sports with all the Cody missionaries afterwards, so that will be fun! We have our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners lined up already, so that’s good, but apart from that, we’re not really sure yet what we’ll be doing the rest of those days! Hopefully it snows so we could go do service or something.

Love my companion so much!!

Love my companion so much!!



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