The Lord Answers Prayers!

2 Dec

November 11, 2013

Wow, I can’t believe that I am already entering the third week of my first transfer! Wyoming is such a beautiful place. Our drives to and from Cody, WY are the most scenic thing I’ve ever seen. Surprisingly, we haven’t had any snow since I’ve been here! Wyoming got some snow early in October, but there hasn’t been any since. Not that I’m complaining!! The temperatures are definitely getting colder though. Nighttime is the worst when the sun is down. My poor legs have been freezing! Today when we go to Cody, we’re stopping at a Sierra Trading Post to buy some warmer leggings for under our skirts!

One thing that I have learned this week more than ever is that the Lord answers prayers! Also, He will never give us a challenge without giving us a way to accomplish it. In our mission, Pres. Mecham has us do something called “Purposeful Prayer”. Every time we pray individually, as a companionship, or with other missionaries, we always pause for 10-15 seconds or more after saying Amen, remaining in “prayer position”. This is truly inspired instruction for us, because I receive so much personal revelation from the Lord when I listen after I pray. It took some getting used to at first, but now I LOVE it!

Sister Bateman and I had a really awesome experience with purposeful prayer this week, as well as meeting challenges. On Friday, we got a call from the missionary Assistants to the President. They were passing down a challenge from Pres. Mecham: that each companionship would prayer about their investigators and choose one to invite to baptism by Sunday night. We gladly accepted! On Friday during companionship prayer, we prayed that we might know who to invite. Both of us came up with the same name, a man we had met a few times named Mark. It was so crazy that we thought of Mark, because he wasn’t necessarily the “easiest” choice. We hadn’t even taught him an actual lesson yet! We acted in faith though and called him up and set up an appointment for Sunday night. Going into the meeting with him last night, we were both so nervous. The LAST thing we wanted to do was pressure him, and we really didn’t want to lose the relationship that we had with him. In our meeting with him, we chatted with him for a bit, and then we told him how he had been on both of our minds a lot this past week. His heart was so prepared. He had been having a really, really rough week with his ex-wife. He was looking for peace, comfort, and just a way to be happy again. We told him that we couldn’t provide “peace of the world”, but the peace that only comes through Jesus Christ. Last week he would never have listened to us teach him, but last night he asked if we would teach him! We also challenged him to be baptized when he came to know the gospel was true, and he accepted. The Spirit was so strong, it was such a wonderful night! We would never have visited him or thought to really dig down in conversation with him unless we had been challenged as we had been. The Lord answers prayers! He provides a way!

Overall, the Lord’s work is going really well in Meeteetse. It’s not very fast-moving, but I know that He has a purpose for placing missionaries here full-time. We had District meeting in Cody on Tuesday, and that went pretty well. We had a couple of odd, but good experiences this week too. On Thursday, we went and vacuumed for an elderly couple that we had met. We stood around talking with them afterwards for a while, and we got to talking about how my companion and I needed to go get some warmer leggings. Well, the man decided that he would offer us his old long underwear! Granted, it’s a nice quality, but we were not about to accept an elderly man’s used underwear!

We sort boxes at an antiques store sometimes.

We sort boxes at an antiques store sometimes.

One other kinda unusual experience was when we were doing service as well. We called up a woman that we had helped in the past, and she asked us if we could help her go “rock picking”. We agreed, and set up a time. Well, we both had no idea what rock picking was! So we show up on Friday, and it turns out that it’s pretty much what it sounds like: picking up rocks and sorting them! She has a landscaping business, so from time to time she goes out in the woods and gets rocks and washes them so she can use them to design with. It was just such an unusual activity to do for us missionaries!

The members here are wonderful; they feed us all the time! It’s so nice to get to be around families when we visit them. Sunday was our Ward Conference. So many more people at church than last week! A lot of the ward members were in meetings though, so we ended up helping out in nursery.

Oh man, I feel like I’m on a spiritual roller-coaster every day since coming on my mission. It truly is wonderful though! My companion is awesome- having her there with me makes all the difference.


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