2 Dec

November 25, 2013
What a cold blustery week! And I got my first snowfall since I’ve been out! It’s funny how quickly your body really does adapt to the weather you’re in. On Tuesday, it was in the 40s, and my companion and I were straight up sweating- we ended up carrying our light jackets. So all day, we were bragging to each other how we were adapting just fine to the weather. Well, that afternoon/evening, the cold front came in with the snow! It dropped down to the teens in just a couple of hours, so we ran home and bundled up for the evening. The snow started around 5pm and didn’t stop until well after we went to bed. When we woke up Wednesday morning, we had gotten around 6 inches of snow. That’s not really a ton of snow for here, but it was a lot for this Okie girl!
We decided to go out and shovel first thing in the morning and delay our study for the afternoon. The snow here is sooo powdery! It makes it super light and easy to shovel, which is a huge blessing (not like the heavy wet stuff we get at home!) We ended up shoveling snow for three hours Wednesday morning! I’m really glad that we were able to provide service to the elderly in town that really needed it. We also helped out shoveling at the church building. My shoulders were definitely feeling it that evening though! We didn’t get to do much teaching or proselyting that day, but I truly felt that giving that service was so much more important.

The temperature during the day really isn’t too bad- it’s just that once the sun goes down (at like 5pm!), the temperature plummets with it. Thankfully we’ve been smart with the miles on our car, so we’ve been driving to some of our evening appointments rather than walking. The members here are so sweet too, they offer us rides all the time if we need them.
Oh, so while we were driving to our district meeting in Cody on Tuesday, we were almost there and suddenly something hit our windshield super hard! A big row of semi trucks had been coming from the opposite direction, and a sugar beet from one of them flew off and cracked our windshield! I’m not sure if you’re familiar with sugar beets (I wasn’t until I got here), but they are a huge cash crop here that are used to make sugar. The beets themselves are big- about the size of your fist. So needless to say, our poor windshield looks like someone punched it! We’re hopefully gonna take it in to get it fixed sometime this week.

This week we did a ton of service basically. We helped someone clean his house before he moved out- which consisted of us literally washing the walls with a rag and Spic-and-Span. Not the most pleasant of tasks, but the walls did look a ton better when we were done!! We also did more help at the antique store and the library. Saturday morning, we had to go to Cody again so Pres. Mecham could finish up his interviews with our zone. We had been invited to the Single Adult Thanksgiving potluck that afternoon in Cody as well, so rather than drive back to Meeteetse and then back again, we decided to spend the day in Cody and do our studies and prepare our talks. The Thanksgiving potluck was a really nice event to attend! We had invited many of our investigators, but no one showed. That was disappointing, but we were able to talk to some of the people that other members had brought, so that was good!
Our investigators are starting to make a lot of progress! One woman that we had been just casually meeting with accepted to read the Book of Mormon! This was a huge step for her because she had been super against it a the beginning. One of the less-actives we’ve been meeting with also has decided to switch over to electric cigarettes with the plan of eventually quitting! It is amazing to see the Spirit of the Lord working in people and helping them change for the better.

On Sunday, my companion and I gave our talks! I gave my talk about Hope. I tried to emphasize how Hope is trusting in God’s promises, and that real Hope is centered in Christ’s atonement. It’s not like how we use Hope in everyday language, such as “I hope the weather changes”, which is said with a lot of uncertainty. Hope centered on the atonement is sure and steadfast! We were the only two speakers, and since the ward is so small, the announcements and Sacrament doesn’t really take too long. We each had to speak for like 20 minutes! Thankfully the Lord blessed us with a lot to say, so we were able to fill the time!

Being a missionary is challenging for sure, but I have HOPE! I trust that the Lord will always support those that are about His errand.


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