A Time for Thanksgiving

2 Dec

Hello everyone! I am grateful to be a missionary for the Lord! This week wasn’t overly eventful, but I’ll try to write about some of the more interesting things.

We have district meeting every Tuesday in Cody, and at this past district meeting I led my first discussion! It’s really not that exciting of an event, but I was excited for it. I was in charge of leading a discussion on receiving revelation through the Book of Mormon. I tried to draw the distinction between revelation and insight. Insight being: “I liked this part of the scripture” and revelation being: “This scripture impacted me and I will apply it to my life by…”. I thought that the discussion went pretty well overall! On Wednesday, we helped some elderly people in our ward decorate for Christmas. It was so fun to get to set our Christmas decorations! Some other ward members offered us their leftover Christmas lights to use, so we may decorate our little house soon!

Our Thanksgiving was really nice, but just pretty chill. We couldn’t really make appointments to visit anyone on Thanksgiving, so for most of the morning/afternoon we just kind of hung out at our house and chatted. We also made some cookies and put them on plates with a little card, and we went and delivered the plates to people that were going to be alone for Thanksgiving. We went over to a family’s house around 3pm. They are such a fun family! We didn’t end up eating until almost 6pm, so we were pretty hungry by then! The mom had made 8 different types of pies… they were delicious! No yummy apple pie like at home though. ๐Ÿ™‚ Since we ate so late, we ended up not going to Cody for games. We were sad to miss it, but it’s all good! We still had a good Thanksgiving. ๐Ÿ™‚

We had some good lessons this week, but not much progression from anyone really. One young man is still reading the Book of Mormon, which is super good. We had a nice lesson with a young woman at a member’s home. Having lessons at member’s homes brings the Spirit so strongly! The only downside is that sometimes we get super off topic, and the lessons take a lot longer than they should, haha. But it’s all good!

Hmmm, let’s see…. we did a lot of service again this week too. We went out to a member’s home who had just had her hip replaced and did some house-cleaning. Another kinda funny thing happened at one of our lessons last night. We teach a young woman who is a less-active, and her dad who is semi-active is always there. Well, we were talking about repentance and all the steps there in. The dad had been answering a question for us, and he suddenly concluded his statement with “and it all comes back to abortion, doesn’t it?” My companion and I were like “whaaaatt….?” He then went on to explain how he viewed that whether you were pro- or anti- showed if the devil had you in his grasp. It was just so random!

I’ve entered the last week of the transfer! We’ll find out about transfers this Sunday night I believe. I really hope that both my companion and I get to stay! The work in Meeteetse takes a lot of patience compared to other areas, but it is truly rewarding and I love the people we teach. We’ll see what the Lord has in store though. Today, we are having exchanges again, but this time with our other Sister Training Leader. My companion and I agreed at the beginning of the transfer that we would go get pedicures on the last Monday of the transfer, and that’s finally today! So we’re going to go get some “Christmas toes”, and we’re excited. ๐Ÿ™‚

This week is going to be so freaking cold here… we requested more miles so we could drive more in town- hopefully we’ll be able to!

Thank you for your letters and your support. Remember, the Lord always blesses hard work with success!!!


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